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St. Louis Archdiocesan Council-Wide Events

Is your SVdP Conference potentially merging with another because of the Archdiocese’s “All Things New”?

Your SVdP Council is here to help and support you.

Join us for informational Zoom sessions and learn more about the steps to take to make a successful collaboration. How-to’s, checklists and Q&A’

Upcoming Council-Wide Events

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Ozanam Orientation

The Ozanam Orientation is a foundational offering for all Vincentians covering the spirituality, purpose, history, approach, and structure of the Society. New Vincentians are expected to attend an Ozanam Orientation within their first year in the Society.

Upcoming Ozanams

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Vincentian Wisdom Series

The Vincentian Wisdom Series are one hour webinars that draw from the guiding documents and traditions of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and the practical wisdom of experienced Vincentians to help Vincentians grow in wisdom in their service of charity. There are rotating topics that cover all aspects of the Vincentian Vocation and Mission. The topics are based on requests from Vincentians and are aimed to make conferences grow in vitality and as agents of Vincentian care for our Neighbors.

Upcoming Vincentian Wisdom Series

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Home Visit 101 and 201

Home Visit 101, a foundational offering open to all Vincentians, builds on the brief home visit section in the Ozanam Orientation. This introductory session, created specifically for St. Louis area Vincentians, covers home visit basics, the spirituality of the home visit, the why of the home visit, the how of the home visit, and self-care.

Home Visit 201 builds on Home Visit 101. After a brief 101 review, 201 included more in-depth information on the home visit approach, a home visit simulation, and details about Council programs and paperwork. It is highly recommended that Vincentians attend the Home Visit 101 first.

Upcoming Home Visit Formation

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Treasurer and CAR Formation

In these events we cover the role of the Treasurer (from Rule, Manual, and Treasurer Handbook), provide an overview of the CAR process, allow time to connect with other Treasurers and Conference leaders, and answer questions. This training is open to Treasurers, Presidents, and other Officers who contribute to the CAR or work with conference finances.

Upcoming Treasurer and CAR Formation

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Spiritual Advisor Formation

The Spiritual Advisor within the Society of St. Vincent de Paul holds a key role in helping Vincentians to achieve their primary purpose within the Society: growth in holiness.

From the beginning, the Spiritual Advisor has assumed
responsibility for the spiritual growth and development of
each member as well as the group as a whole (from Spiritual Advisor Handbook).

Spiritual Advisor Formation events are opportunities for Spiritual Advisors to network, grow in their vocation, and contribute to the building up of the vocation of Vincentians and the spiritual life of Conferences.

Upcoming Spiritual Advisor Formation

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Special Masses

Parish-based Conferences offer Mass on five occasions annually for the following intentions:

  1. Four intentions of the Society:
    • The Church
    • The sovereign Pontiff
    • The United States of America
    • The Society of St. Vincent de Paul
  2. Deceased Conference Members
  3.  The deceased poor
  4. The sick and troubled who seek divine help and cure through the intercession of Bl. Frédéric Ozanam
  5. The canonization of Bl. Frédéric Ozanam

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